Jumat, 29 Juli 2011

Idaten Fanfic project.

Hey! I'm making an Idaten Jump fanfic. I need just need some supporting characters cuz one of my \Oc's is a seducer. The story isn't about MTB's though.... It's about battle! Yes, with swords and stuff. Anyways... here's one of my two Oc's that is the main character:

Name: (Prof.) Yuri Senai
Age: 16-18
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Peachy-Pink
Hair Style: Hair tied one on the right with a red ribbon. Bangs sided to the left

Outfit: X-Zone's research facility uniform. Brown Boots and black stockings

Crush: Koei (the ninja rider)

Personality: Calm, Sweet, Motherly Sisterly, Crazy (when about technology, lost history, weapons, and when she's drunk), Sensitive, Drama Queen

Weapon of choice: Knives

I can't make your OC into a main character, though. If you want your OC to be in the story, just write his/her profile in the comments

-Yuuko Hiiragi

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